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The reception is normally open from Tuesday to Sunday. Whether your query is related to flying lessons, aircraft hire, maintenance of your aircraft, or avionic work, our friendly team are always ready to offer assistance and answer your questions.

Christine McGarry Commercial & Office Manager

Christine joined us in December 2013 with a background in operating and developing succesful retail businesses. She is the first point of enquiry, and will be responsible for Airfield operations during the week.

Emma Receptionist

Emma was our Saturday receptionist. She is now off to University studying to be a vet. We hope she will be back with us during the busy summer holidays. Emma learnt to fly with us, and if you want to know what it is like as a student give her a ring.


Amy has just joined us and is helping out in a variety of roles, she is currently re uphosltering the seats on some of our training aircraft.

James Dooley Chief Engineer Sandtoft

James is our Aircraft engineering manager, and a highly experienced Licensed Engineer with most G A aircraft. Whether it’s a minor defect or a structural repai, a modern Annex 1 or a historic wood and fabric Annexe 2 Aircraft James will be able to help keep your Aircraft flying.

George Lee Avionics Manager

George is our avionics guru, if you have a problem with your “radios” George is the person to fix it

Graham Corbin Chief Engineer Sandtoft

Graham is a highly experienced Quality manager and Enginee with piston, turbine and jet experience, a FAA approved IA, a FAA CFII.If you have a “N” registered aircraft piston, turbine Tbm750/800, or even an Eclipse jet Graham can manage the maintenace.Graham will normally be based at Sandtoft. His favourite manufacturer is Socata.

Ashley Commons Engineering Apprentice

Ashley joined us in July 2012 as our first Engineering Apprentice. His studies at Bedford college and practical experience at Sandtoft will lead him to becoming an EASA Licensed Engineer B1.2 in 5 years.

Steve Brown Flight Instructor

Steve has a wealth of experience from glider towing and parachute dropping with the with Bidford Gliding Club through to ATPL with Air Ecosse and KLM. He is now our main instructor at Sandtoft Airfield, and mentors most of our students. Give him a call if you have a query, he will be pleased to help.

Marcus Palmer CFI

Marcus joined on 1 January 2013 as our new part time CFI, replacing Matt Mitchell. Marcus was previously with the RAF, and is also a PPL examiner.

Alan Walton Examiner

Alan has been our examiner now for many years, helping new students gain their PPL and many people re gain ( revalidate ) their expired licences. Alan has been flying since 1975 with 5500 hours. He also teaches: PPL, NPPL, Night Qualification, IMC Rating , Tailwheel Conversion, & Ground School.

Nick Pratt, Group Marketing Manager

Nick is our marketing manager and runs a number of succesful groups, see Avbase for more details. Contact Nick if you are intersted in the long term rental of any of our aircraft or need a more competitive maintenace service

Humphrey Penney MD , CAMO, Instructor

Humphrey is the owner of e-plane Ltd, a FAA CFII & MEI, EASA FI (A) & CRI ( Multi), and has recently become a Licensed Engineer B1.2 and B2. He has been flying since 1973 and has 1200 hours. He teaches multi engine ( potentially next year EASA Instrument) and undertakes complex check outs for Easa and FAA Aircraft. If you are interested in learning to fly Multi engine aircraft or renting his rare Cessna 3337 give him a ring. His favourite aircraft is a Mooney.

I am delighted to be able to let everyone know that Marcus Palmer, our CFI is recovering well and is expected to be able to resume flying in August. If you need to renew your EASA licence please let Christine know well in advance. NPPL licences can be renewed by Humphrey.

New C42 Microlight

The Sandtoft Flying School C42 has finally arrived at the distributers in the UK and is being fitted with its avionic equipment. It will have a full glass panel with backup analogue instruments, a Mode S Transponder and 8.3Khz Com. It is fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system and uses Mogas.

Virtually unstallable and with a very low approach speed it will be an ideal learner platform. We will offer Microlight rental immediately and shortly afterwards Microlight training.

New Base at Sandtoft

We have opened a new base for aircraft maintenance at Sandtoft, which with its 4000' long tarmac runway will allow us to service faster aircraft.

Extended Approvals

The CAA have recently extended our BCAR approval to cover any single engine metal or wood Annex 2 Aircraft upto 5700Kg. This includes Light Sport aircraft, an application has been submitted for Microlight Group. This together with our Approval to issue National permits and Certificates of Validity means that we will be able to fully support all light aircraft from the smallest microlight upto Pressurised Piper P31P, Turbine TBM 750/850 and even Eclipse Jets ( latter N register only).

Flying Training at Sandtoft

We are working on out ATO approval, which will be extended to cover new capabilities.